PlasticsEurope drives polystyrene recycling with new scheme

PlasticsEurope has launched an exciting new initiative aimed at driving rates of polystyrene recycling.

Ă— Polystyrene

In order to bring the plastics industry in line with the EU's circular economy plans, the plastics industry body has made it its mission o engage the value chain in developing new routes for plastics at end of life.

Focusing on chemical recycling, the PlasticsEurope initiative aims at converting collected post-consumer polystyrene waste into virgin polystyrene. New technologies will enable the incorporation of post-consumer waste into plastic manufacturersÂ’ production processes. The target is to generate high-quality polystyrene to meet the most demanding standards, ultimately for food contact applications.

“These technologies, through an extensive collaboration along the value chain, will provide efficient and sustainable solutions to today’s environmental challenges”, said Norbert Niessner, Chairman of the Chemical Recycling Working Group.

“The initiative paves the way to increasing the circularity of plastics. Finding new ways to recycle represents an increased opportunity to save valuable resources for future generations and avoid plastics ending up in landfills,” added Karl-H. Foerster, Executive Director, PlasticsEurope. “New recycling technologies can further enhance the recovery of high value feedstock from consumer waste."

» Publication Date: 29/06/2017

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