Recycling Technologies looking for new site to install recycling machine

UK’s Recycling Technologies is looking for new sites to install its "breakthrough" chemical recycling machine, which turns residual plastic waste back into oil.

After raising £5m (€5.4m) of funding of the chemical recycling technology, the Swindon, UK-based company said it was looking to partner with more waste management operators and local councils with a view to increasing the number of sites from which it can operate.

At its Material Recovery Facility (MRF) plant in Swindon, Recycling Technologies produces low sulphur hydrocarbon product branded Plaxx which can be used as a feedstock for new polymer and wax manufacturing.

The company is now preparing for further trials at the end of the year to ramp up to continuous 24/7 operations.

Recycling Technologies claims that with its technology, the residual plastic waste recycling rate for mixed plastics will increase to 90% from the present 30%.

On the back of its activity in Swindon’s Cheney Manor MRF, Recycling Technologies is establishing recycling facilities in Scotland in as early as 2018, the company said.

These will be located in Binn Farm, Perthshire, and operated by independent recycling and waste services company Binn Group.

» Publication Date: 07/09/2017

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