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13/12/2017 - Methanolysis of microbial polyester poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) catalyzed by Brønsted-Lewis acidic ionic liquids as a new method towards sustainable development
20/11/2017 - Environment‐friendly chemical recycling of aliphatic polyurethanes by hydrolysis in a CO2‐water system
21/09/2017 - On the successful chemical recycling of carbon fiber/epoxy resin composites under the mild condition
20/09/2017 - Maghemite/nitrogen-doped graphene hybrid material as a reusable bifunctional catalyst for glycolysis of polyethylene terephthalate
15/05/2017 - The utilisation of oils produced from plastic waste at different pyrolysis temperatures in a DI diesel engine
23/03/2017 - Mild chemical recycling of aerospace fiber/epoxy composite wastes and utilization of the decomposed resin
22/01/2017 - Rare Earth metal triflates M(O3SCF3)3 (M=Sc, Yb, La) as Lewis acid catalysts of depolymerization of poly-(bisphenol A carbonate) via hydrolytic cleavage of carbonate moiety: Catalytic activity of La(O3SCF3)3
01/08/2016 - From methanol to the oxygenated diesel fuel poly(oxymethylene) dimethyl ether: An assessment of the production costs
05/07/2016 - Single‐phase product obtained via crude glycerine depolymerisation of polyurethane elastomer: structure characterisation and rheological behaviour (pages 946–954)
21/06/2016 - CeO2 nanocatalysts for the chemical recycling of polycarbonate
21/06/2016 - An extreme vertices mixture design approach to the optimization of methylal production process using p-toluenesulfonic acid as catalyst
20/04/2016 - Conversion of the matrix in glass fiber reinforced composites into a high heating value oil and other valuable feedstocks
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