Factories certified - From Repsol only circular polyolefins

After the certification of its industrial complex in Puertollano at the end of 2019, Repsol accomplishes another critical milestone in its commitment to boost the circular economy of its materials, by obtaining the ISCC Plus certification for the rest of its polyolefin production centers. By certifying its Tarragona and Sines complexes, Repsol reaffirms its leadership, being the first petrochemical company to certify all its complexes for the production of circular polyolefins.


In the words of José Luis Bernal, Executive Director at Repsol Química: “Our commitment to the circularity of our materials began long ago when in 2015 we began to experimentally feed oil from chemical recycling of plastic waste, becoming the first company to do it on an industrial scale. This new milestone reaffirms our leadership and commitment to circular polyolefins. A commitment that we already made public last October when we obtained the ISCC Plus certification in our Puertollano complex and that allowed us to offer our customers in Europe the first tons of circular polyethylene and polypropylene.”


To produce circular polyolefins, Repsol feeds, as an alternative raw material, oil obtained from the use of plastic waste not suitable for mechanical recycling. A waste that, otherwise, would end up in the landfill. This new raw material is fed alongside conventional raw material, reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources. This certification guarantees the traceability of the plastic waste used at the source and, at the same time, offers the same quality and functionality of virgin polyolefins. This way, Repsol provides its customers with a portfolio of products with recycled material for applications that demand high standards of hygiene and safety, ideal for food packaging.

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