Agilyx focusing on chemical recycling with partnership

Agilyx Corp. is entering a partnership with Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry LLC "to explore chemical recycling options for plastics and polymers," the company said.

Agilyx, which previously has used pyrolysis to make fuel from mixed plastics, currently is pivoting into the recovered polystyrene market at its location in Tigard, Ore. The company is implementing a new processing system to make styrene monomer from used PS products.

With the institute, Agilyx indicated the partnership will seek to "advance innovative alternatives to transform various post-consumer plastics and polymers back to virgin petrochemical raw materials and valued-added polymers."

The institute, of Wilmington, Mass., calls itself "an invention factory that creates new technologies across all industries that are touched by chemistry."

John Warner, president of the institute, is recognized as one of the founders of green chemistry and will become leader of Agilyx's advisory board. "Green chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous substances," according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

"Our partnership with Agilyx is a compelling fit for us given their substantial known-how in sustainable plastics and polymer recycling, as well [as] their unwavering commitment to advance their know-how through continuous innovation," said Joe Pont, CEO of the institute, in a statement.

Agilyx CEO Joe Vaillancourt indicated he has known John Warner for years.

"Plastics and polymers are materials we all are using more and more in our daily lives. Our use, however, has increased faster than our ability to recycle them in an environmentally responsible way. We are excited to work with John and WBI to bring the world a series of environmentally responsible options for recycling plastics," Vaillancourt said in a statement.

» Publication Date: 19/07/2017

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